"Wifi cannot scale up and 5G cannot scale down"


A software that aims to stop sophisticated cyberattacks in agents, clouds, API , Web and Apps .

Modern cybersoftware.com contains multiple layers of security tools, including machine learning and cybersecurity AI solutions to have better penetration and Vulnerability Testing.

Industry's First Risk-Based API Protection

  • Risk Detection of OWASP Top 10 API Threats
  • API-specific Rules to Mitigate OWASP Top Threats
  • API-specific DDoS and Bot Mitigation Policies
  • Discovery of undocumented Shadow APIs
  • Automated Positive Security Policy based on API Definition

The Products.

Agent & Cloud Monitoring
  • Managed Web Application and API Protection
  • Risk Based Fully Managed Web Application and API protection with real time protection against OWASP exploits, DDOS attacks, Bot Mitigation and Zero Day attacks with 24x7 support from security experts.
CyberSoftware WAS (Firewall)
  • Comprehensive application vulnerability detection
  • Automated DAST Scanner combined with on demand Manual Penetration Testing , False positive removal via manual verification with 24x7 support from Security experts.
Penetration & Vulnerability Testing
  • Comprehensive Mobile App vulnerability detection
  • In depth Pen-testing with multiplatform coverage including iOS, Android, Windows.
CyberSoftware API
  • Complete requests monitoring and logs
  • Standard, EV, UCC multidomain & Wildcard certificates for your applications.


For All

Security StakeHolders

Enterprise CISO
  • Identify and mitigate risks continuously, Meet Compliance Requirements, Improve Application delivery agility.
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Business Owners
  • Ensure business continuity through site availability, protect brand reputation and eliminate security barrier for Sales.
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Agile Software Developers
  • Immediate Affordable Managed Risk based Approach to application security.
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CyberSoftware Promise

Application Security is a complex problem that many businesses are still struggling to comprehend. Where to start, which products to pick, how to build the expertise and ensure to stay protected.

Our promise, though, is very simple – Make it extremely easy for you to secure your Web and Mobile Applications.

Securing Web Applications

Trusted Cyber-Security Partner for large Enterprises

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CyberSoftware’s AppTrana translates into a one-stop solution for security needs. In addition, the solution is simple and easy to map with...


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